• Welcome to the Iomad Demo site

    This is the online demo site for the Iomad multi tenancy solution which sits on top of the best Open Source VLE - Moodle Like Moodle, Iomad is also Open Source.  The site will refresh periodically so don't worry about breaking it.

    We have already configured one test company with a department structure, some users and courses.  You can log in as any of the following accounts. Enjoy, but please be aware other users may be playing on the site when you are and that may cause some oddities.

    The list of accounts you may use are as follows. The passwords are all set to awesome

    • iomaddemo - Site Administrator.
    • testadmin - Company manager for Test company.
    • testsalesmanager - Department manager for Test company in the Sales department.
    • testsupportmanager - Department manager for Test company in the Support department.
    • testuseriomadsales - Sales department user. 

      postitIf you are a regular Moodle Admin user, the temptation to use Moodle Admin tools will be instinctual.  Resist this and always use the Iomad Dashboard to carry out administrative tasks.

      There are two companies set up to use their own distinct URLs.  https://testcompany.iomad.org and https://anothercompany.iomad.org Visiting thee links will provide the branding for those companies for login pages and keep the URL throughout for their own users.

    For further information please visit the main project and services pages at http://www.iomad.org